If you’re lying awake at night and can’t seem to fall asleep, the question, what can help me sleep, runs through your mind. Fortunately, there are many ways to help you sleep better,  and we gathered those articles here on our website. Here are some of those great articles.

What Can Help Me Sleep?


There are news reports doing the rounds quite a lot these days about how it costs American businesses a lot of money to have employees come in after a night of tossing and turning. Health Day reports that in Canada alone, the underpopulated province of Québec alone – a place with a 7 million population – loses about $7 billion a year because of employees not performing well because they haven’t had any sleep the night before. Over here in America, with a population that goes up to 50 times the number, estimates are hard to come by.

But some reports say that it could be $75 billion lost, and according to international statistics sleep deprivation effects a whopping 95% of people around the world . But you know what – it isn’t just the economy. When you and I, constantly show up at work with that large cup of coffee in hand, on less than a full tank, we personally lose a lot of money to lost productivity and lost promotions . So here’s the question I started off with – what can help me sleep better at night?

The self-improvement books rarely touch on this – they just seem to assume that if you aren’t getting ahead in life, it’s probably your own fault. All they could talk about was how to stop wasting time and to concentrate. Believe me – I tried to find a book with a chapter on this: I could never find a chapter devoted to what can help me sleep.

And what about meditation, have you tried that? Its a proven fact that meditation does work but I don’t know about you but it takes me for ever to clear my mind. I’ve been told that it takes a lot of practice and that once your able to block those intruding thoughts meditation can do wonders to help you sleep better at night.

I’ve also looked into binaural beats and sleep music and although I’m not totally sold on binaural beats or digital drugs as some people like to call them I do find that sleep music does help on occasion. As a matter of fact we’ve included a section here on our site dedicated to music to help you fall asleep.

So after doing quite a bit of my own research. And I came up with some other pointers that you may find useful in your quest to get a good nights rest. These are some other things that helped me get some much-needed shut-eye. Some of these are straight-out conventional advice, and some aren’t.

Here’s what I found – a bit of computer time before bedtime is a bad idea. It’s very easy when you can’t sleep, to assume that you could drift off looking at your e-mail or maybe browsing a couple of shopping sites but believe me this does not work turn the computer off.

Just taking the computer out of my bedroom helped me a lot. The thing is, as I found out looking at research, a flickering lighted screen stimulates your brain a certain way. The 60-times-a-second flicker that you get from your computer monitor tells your brain to wake up. It isn’t just the computer that flickers 60 times a second either – there’s the TV, I don’t even have a TV in my bedroom any more, keep the TV in the family room the bedroom is for sleeping.

If you have a strip light or CFL in your bedroom, that does it too. Basically, you shouldn’t have anything that flickers or that stimulates your brain before bedtime. Not even if you find that you can’t sleep in the middle of the night. If you want to pass the time, try something traditional – like reading a book. And no, not on your laptop.

Many people find that exercise can help them sleep. I find that it works very well for me. This is what can help me sleep better than anything else I’ve heard of. But it’s different for everyone.

The mistake people make is perhaps that they head off for the gym after work. According to the National Sleep Foundation, that’s exactly the wrong time to exercise. By the time you get to bed, your body still hasn’t calmed down. Get a bit of vigorous exercise a half hour in the morning and another hour in the afternoon, and you have far less trouble falling asleep at night.

And finally, some unconventional advice – from none other than modern art exponent Salvador Dali. He found something that seemed to make a lot of sense for him. Dali was a person who couldn’t bear the thought of wasting time taking power naps just to get himself energized through the day. And so, he invented the spoon technique.

His belief was that the body doesn’t really need to sleep through the day. He felt that it was the falling asleep part that the body really needed. So he would settle down to a power nap in the middle of the day, but he would hold a spoon in his hand over the arm of his couch. When he would drift off, he would naturally lose his grip over the spoon that would fall down with a clatter. He would wake up, and he would feel all refreshed go figure huh, but you know what I tried it and it actually works.

What more tips on how to fall asleep?

It’s taken me a bit of trial and error but finally I’ve found a number of things that really do work in helping me get to sleep and stay asleep long enough to get enough deep restorative sleep to wake up feeling rested and.…

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Late at night, when everybody in the house is sleeping and you’re still lying awake, what can help me sleep, is a question you will ask yourself many, many times. As seen on this page, there are many ways to fall back to sleep. Be guided by these great resources, and hope that tonight is a better night!

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